These are the new functions that the Instagram remixes will have

Now that social networks have become a way of working for many people who are dedicated to being influencers and content creators, Meta has decided to include some new updates on Instagram so that all users, if they wish, have the opportunity to share their own experiences. and talents with millions of Internet users. These are the new ones functions that the platform brings.

Photos are an important part of the Instagram user experience, and for this reason, in the coming weeks, users will be able to remix with photos that are published without privacy restrictions. According to the social network, this will give people unlimited inspiration to create unique and authentic reels.

Currently when a remix is ​​made in the application, the screen is organized in such a way that the original video is presented on the left and the reaction to it on the right. With this new update, users will now be able to choose other ways to distribute the image among which is a green screen, landscape or portrait layout, and picture-in-picture to add the reaction video overlaid on the original.


In addition to showing the reactions at the same time with the original video, either horizontally or vertically, users can also do it in sequence, that is, the first reel will be played first and then the reaction.

But these are not the only new functions, Since according to Instagram they want anyone to be able to freely express their creativity, that is why they are adding more tools to allow recording, editing and sharing content, all from the interface, these are the options that will be released.

If you need a little inspiration, the templates will allow you to easily create reels with pre-loaded audio and video placeholders, so simply add your own photos and recordings. To find all these templates available, you just have to touch the camera icon in the “Reels” tab

Now remixes can be recorded with both cameras

This new feature will let web surfers react to reels while recording new content. For this You can record using the front and side camera at the same time and thus share another perspective of the place where it is.

Depending on the app, because reels offer a more immersive and entertaining way to watch and create videos, in the following weeks New videos posted that are less than 15 minutes long will be shared as reels. Video content published prior to this change will remain published in “Videos” and will not change to Reels.


According to the application itself, now that practically all new videos will be reels, if they are published in a public account. will be suggested to a large number of users so that more people can get to know the content creator.


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