SK Hynix Reveals 238-Layer 3D NAND: Cheap and Fast SSDs Incoming

SK Hynix has introduced Its first 3D NAND device featuring 238 layers, the highest number of layers in the industry. The new 512Gb devices promise to be rather cheap and will enable SK Hynix to build inexpensive solid-state storage. Also, 512Gb 238-layer 3D NAND products will help the memory maker learn how to mass produce flash memory with a high number of layers.

SK Hynix’s first 3D NAND device with 238 layers features a triple level cell (TLC) architecture, a capacity of 512Gb (64GB) as well as a 2400 MT/s interface speed, a 50% increase compared to previous-generation flagship NAND from the South Korean manufacturer. As an added bonus, the new 3D NAND memory device reduces power consumption during reading by 21%, which will be an advantage for mobile PCs as well as smartphones.

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