MultiVersus open beta launching today for all players

MultiVersus launches into open beta for all players today, and the team is celebrating by offering 25% extra Gold to help you unlock characters faster, as well as introducing LeBron James as a new playable fighter.

MultiVersus has been playable since last week for early access players who have already been able to start working through the rather grindy MultiVersus achievements, but the open beta will be going live for all players today. The crossover fighter already has well over a million players, so how will the servers hold up when the gates are flung open for everyone to get involved?

LeBron James joins MultiVersus as open beta begins

Warner’s crossover fighting game has proven to be a darn good time so far, and now everyone can try out its crazy clashes for themselves. LeBron James also joins the roster as his first new playable fighter since Iron Giant (who has only been in the game for a week!), set to be joined by Rick and Morty during the game’s first season, which begins early next month. Until then, you’ll be able to earn 25% more Gold than usual, which should let you pick up a few more characters besides those available for free. The current free characters will also be rotating today, with Finn, Garnet, Superman, and Reindog being the new free quartet taking over from Shaggy, Harley Quinn, Jake, and Taz.

Speaking of Taz, there are also a few more balance tweaks Coming in today’s update, including the first part of the planned Taz nerf to stop his spin being so tedious to deal with, as well as some changes that should make Iron Giant a little less of a menace.

Will you be jumping into the ring today to see if Shaggy can take down Superman? Let us know!

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