China considers the Moon an outpost for the circular defense of the Earth from asteroids

The report from China looks at a significant increase in the number of instrument bases that will benefit from space tracking. Satellites, telescopes, radio telescopes, lasers, an orbital station and more point to plan to amplify the range of countries’ space interests. This plan also includes the creation of a planetary defense against an asteroid threat, which could potentially become a shield for China’s national security, and the moon promises to be the key to success.

Image source: Wu Weiren, Scientia Sinica Informationis.

According to offer groups of Chinese scientists, the optical telescopes on the North and South Pole of the Moon must be used to monitor the asteroid situation. The zones that the sky observes from these points are almost totally overlapping the zones where the Earth resides from the Sun. An alarming bell was that the meteorite fell in 2013. The optical observation network of the sky did not detect that it came from the sun’s side.

To avoid the pathogenesis of the asteroids, the lunar asteroid warning system must be boosted by the means of changing the trajectory of the asteroids. To carry these weapons, three stations must be launched into the moon orbit. The stations will be able to respond to an asteroid threat at least one week earlier than the missiles deployed on Earth – means of repelling the threat – will respond. A single station will be able to assemble weapons as much as the moon orbit and increase the chances of intercepting a target.

The idea of ​​creating an outpost on the Moon to mitigate the asteroid danger seems very expensive, so China is going to need partners to implement it. I wonder whether this would happen after 2030. China will set the foundation for a space base on the Moon.

Finally, the asteroid warning systems on the Moon and on orbits are supporting China to build a national security system, which considers spacecraft and missiles in other countries as threats. You never forget that. Even the odds of being troubled by the partners on the planet are much higher than the falling of a thaltomy, that is deadly on the earthly civilization.

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