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Our company was established since 40 years ago, with 1.000 employees and our business is in manufacturing, selling, marketing, distributing pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, baby products and chemical ingredient products. We have several branch offices in all big cities throughout Indonesia.


With good team work, we strive to work hard with professionalism, integrity and lots of valuable experience.



A Corporate Secretary responsible for the administrative operations of the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioner and senior management.


In particular, this board assistant ensures the business adheres to its governing framework, chooses the right stakeholder and shareholder model, and follows all statutory and corporate regulations.



  • Responsible for maintaining corporate documents such as disclosure information, compliance with state laws, stockholder correspondence, stock issues, and proxy statements.
  • When a board, committee, or CEO needs good advice, board materials, or guidance, the Corporate Secretary is the first person they turn to. If there are no answers or solutions, the Corporate Secretary must find them.
  • Setting the agenda and creating corporate meeting minutes are among the key secretary responsibilities to reflect the board’s fulfillment of its fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Making sure the company’s governance framework is appropriately developed, established, and maintained.
  • Supervise legal entity governance management, ensuring all board members adhere to the regulatory and statutory requirements, company’s articles of association, by laws, and other founding documents.
  • Oversee the administration of board evaluations, conduct corporate governance audits, resolve succession planning issues, and support directors’ education, training, and initiatives.
  • Must work with directors and the executive committees to prioritize subjects for discussion. Also, this duty covers assisting executives in issuing financial press releases, compiling annual reports, and reviewing insurance policies.
  • To follow capital market developments. This knowledge must be used to provide input to the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners to comply with capital market regulations.
  • Monitoring the Company’s compliance with the Company Law and other statutory provisions, the Company’s Articles of Association, the Financial Services Authority and the provisions of capital requirements and regulatory provisions, in close collaboration with the Legal Department.
  • Organizing and documenting the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) and organizing and documenting meetings of the Board of Directors and/or Board of Commissioners.
  • To ensure that these meetings have legal force and are in accordance with regulations.
  • The responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of information.
  • Responsible for the formulation of policies, planning and ensuring the effectiveness and transparency of corporate communications, institutional relations, investor relations and other capital market players with continue to pay attention to the principles of corporate ethical standards, principles of corporate governance, and corporate values.
  • To maintain the image and protect the interests of the company by building good communication and relationships with stakeholders and supporting the management of the company by the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.
  • The Annual Report and Sustainability Report is one of the important information and is a reference for many company stakeholders, the responsibility of the Corporate Secretary is to ensure that the report is prepared in a manner that reflects the company’s values, contains accurate and timely information, complies with regulations, and is able to build a positive corporate image.
  • Set the Meeting Agenda, write the Minutes of Meeting and obtain approval, and be involved in pre-meeting planning.
  • Acting as a liaison between the company and shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders.
  • Handling corporate events, such as RUPS, public expose, press conferences, and also sponsorship activities.
  • Handling corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.
  • Handling public information related to the company.



  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Business, Management, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or other related fields.
  • Minimum 10 years experience in Corporate Secretary function
  • High Levels of attention to detail
  • Business professionals or lawyers who have completed extensive corporate governance training. Knowledge of accounting and business administration is essential. A corporate attorney has in-depth knowledge of state corporation laws and corporate governance.
  • Managing conflict of interests. By communicating potential conflicts, preparing effective resolution procedures, and restricting unacceptable forms of private interest.
  • Organization skills. Should be adept at coordinating work processes, facilitating board communications, attending board meetings, taking minutes, and record keeping.
  • Excellent communication skills, to clearly communicate the directors’ positions in writing and verbally. To conduct shareholder meetings to communicate the directors’ decisions.
  • Objectivity skills. Especially valuable in cases of disagreement and disputes between members.
  • Critical-thinking skills. Play a leading role in developing and implementing practical and generally acceptable solutions. Operate within the framework of the law and tax implications appropriate to the company.
  • Handling sensitive information.
  • Fluent knowledge of English verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to learn quickly and bring creative solutions to problems.
  • Strong analytical, organizational, creative thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Working knowledge of basic computer operating systems, such as Windows.
  • High integrity, honest, credible.


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Jenis Pekerjaan : Full time
Spesialisasi Pekerjaan : Administrasi & Dukungan Perkantoran / 6251

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Industri : Administrasi & Dukungan Perkantoran
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Lokasi : Jakarta Timur


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