Lowongan Kerja Human Resources Supervisor di Daewoong Pharmaceutical

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Lowongan Kerja Posisi Human Resources Supervisor di Daewoong Pharmaceutical


Informasi Tambahan Lowongan Kerja

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■ Company / Team introduction

The vision of Daewoong Pharmaceuticals is to become a global healthcare group dedicated to improving quality of life. Daewoong Pharmaceuticals has the largest number of oversea branches and subsidiaries (in total 8) among pharmaceuticals in Korea. We have been strengthening competitiveness in local markets by building diverse collaboration network with customers from research, development, manufacturing, and sales. Furthermore, we are paving the way to become a world-leading healthcare group by consistently recruiting and fostering talented people in globe and contributing to the development of local pharmaceutical industry.

Daewoong Group operates 8 corporations in Indonesia, and regaring HR department, it is working under the concept of ‘shared service’.
(Business areas will continue to be expanded and we re going to hire more member) In the case of the management department (HR/financial accounting, etc.), it belongs to the DPCI corporation and works with total of 4 people, The position role is to standardize the HR management of Daewoong corporations in Indonesia by overseeing the entire personnel management, and to ensure that the HR management of each corporation can operate properly. It is the role of coaching/feedback HR staff and also being a strategic partner to support the smooth business in the field.


■ Vision

Through the principles and standards of HR, group companies in Indonesia can go in one direction, secure global talented people, and, Build a network of local professionals to help you do business comfortably.

■ Responsibilities:

[Manage end to end HR operation including recruitment, evaluation, compensation (salary) and benefits]

This position is
① It oversees the seven Indonesian subsidiaries of Daewoong Group (communicating and managing four HR member belong to Daewoong Group),
When the HR team at the headquarters in Korea plans and deliver major personnel systems, HR manager is responsible for localization (in accordance with the local area of Indonesia) and standardization.
② After join our compnay, you will belongs to the DPCI and directly focuses on managing four corporations, and will work with the junior(less than one year of work experience) and also support Manager

Through communication with the USER, we select talented people who have FIT in Daewoong through proper verification(procedure)
Plan and operate an effective/efficient recruitment process for abve purpose. And after that help new employee (talented people) to quickly on-board.

We should operate and develop Daewoong’s evaluation system (monthly feedback, half-term-evaluation, multi-sourced evaluation) so that we can receive fair/objective/transparent evaluation according to the performance and capabilities.
Provide opportunities for promotion/selection/movement (CDP) to talented people and help/let them to grow through competency evaluation.

Customizing(localizing) and upgrading major HR procedure(operation) according to local circumstances through communication with the each User.
We support the User through overall HR management to ensure better and smooth business operations there.


■ Qualifications


1) Academic background: Bachelor’s degree or higher
2) Work experience: At least 3 years of company experience
   – at least least 3 years of work experience related to HR
   – a person with experience in recuritment
   – a person who has experience related to HR function other than recruitment(ex. education, evaluation, etc)
3) Language: Indonesian, English(Fluent)
4) Those who have experience in HR management at large or top companies in indonesia



1) Those who have experience in pharma industry
2) A person who has experienced in organizatinal set-up
3) A person who can manage/operate recruitment process 

■ Work Location: Jakarata


Pengalaman Kerja :
Jenis Pekerjaan : Full time
Spesialisasi Pekerjaan : Sumber Daya Manusia & Perekrutan / 6317

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Daewoong Pharmaceutical

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Ukuran Perusahaan :
Waktu Proses Lamaran :
Industri : Sumber Daya Manusia & Perekrutan
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Lokasi : Jakarta Selatan


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