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The Role

Reporting to the Bakery Department Head and/or the delegate, the Pastry Chef is responsible for overall production of all bakery products (bread, cake &/or other pastries). The Pastry Chef is also responsible for overseeing and plan of all ingredients and ensure all products are produced according to Company’s standard operating procedures or special customer orders.

麵包及糕點總廚直接匯報給麵包部主管及麵包部技術專員, 主要負責生產分店的所有焙烤製品(麵包,蛋糕和/或其他糕點)生產和銷售。他/她還負責制定生產計劃, 商品的種類和數量產生, 確保員工遵守公司制定的標準。並根據標準作業程序或特殊客戶的訂單, 監督,規劃及負責麵團, 麵包, 蛋糕, 蛋卷, 奶油凍, 布丁, 甜品, 麵團, 糖衣和糖霜…等成分。

Major Responsibilities

  • In charge of production of all bakery products (負責生產分店的所有焙烤製品(麵包,蛋糕和/或其他糕點)生產和銷售)
  • Oversee, plan and responsible for all ingredients and ensure all products include dough for bread, cakes, rolls, mousse, puddings, sweet goods, batters and icings and frostings are produced according to Company’s standard (根據標準作業程序或特殊客戶的訂單, 監督,規劃及負責麵團, 麵包, 蛋糕, 蛋卷, 奶油凍, 布丁, 甜品, 麵團, 糖衣和糖霜, 等成分)
  • Ensure products’ quality, inventory level and wastage are adhered to the Company’s established standards (根據既定的標準, 確保產品(麵包, 蛋糕和/或其他糕點)質量, 庫存的水平和損耗質量, 遵守公司制定的標準)
  • Provide guidance and supervision to the bakery production team (督導部門的工作執行, 公平分配工作, 並確保完成日程安排)
  • Provide training, disciplinary actions, corrective and positive feedback on staff performance (提供培訓, 紀律處分, 糾正員工的表現和給予積極的反饋)
  • Participate in new product research and development process, encourage innovations (鼓勵創新並參與新產品研究和開發的過程)
  • Manage and responsible for the cleanliness, hygiene, equipment, and tools maintenance (負責部門的清潔,衛生, 設備及工具維修跟進和工作場所的安全)
  • Responsible to answer customers’ enquiries (負責回覆顧客的詢問)

Knowledge, Skills and Ability Requirements

  • At least 8 years of experience in making bakery products (具備製作麵包類食品(麵包, 蛋糕和/或其他糕點)的知識和至少8年相關經驗, 包括,麵糰攪拌. 混合麵粉, 蛋糕裝飾, 切割, 看爐, 打麵, 中場烘焙作業流程等)
  • Possess good knowledge in workplace health & safety and food safety (food safety certification is required) (了解工作環境下的健康安全知識和食品安全 (具Food Safe 認證要求))
  • Have knowledge and experience in supervising bakery production workflow and controlling cost and wastage (有監督麵包店生產流程, 控制成本和損耗的知識和經驗)
  • Ability to manage and train employees (具管理及培訓能力)
  • Ability to deliver bakery products’ research and development (能夠提供焙烤製品(麵包, 蛋糕和/或其他糕點)的研究和發展)
  • Good communication skills, able to communicate in English (良好溝通能力, 能以中(國語/粵語), 英文溝)

Employee Benefits

  • Extended healthcare (醫療護理)
  • Life and AD&D Insurance (人壽及意外傷亡保險)
  • Paid annual leave, sick leave, marriage leave and bereavement leave (帶薪年假, 病假,婚假及喪假)
  • Staff purchase discount (員工購物折扣優惠)
  • Discounted staff meals (員工餐優惠)


  • Shift work is required (必須依班表排班)
  • Weekday, weekend, statutory holiday (工作日包括週末, 法定假日)

Safety Statement

Safety continues to be T&T Supermarket’s top priority. We’ve established health and safety policies and measures to ensure our Stores, Food Processing & Production Centres and Warehouse & Distribution are as safe as possible.

For more information about us, please visit www.tntsupermarket.com/aboutus/ [link removed].

Pengalaman Kerja :
Jenis Pekerjaan : Full time
Spesialisasi Pekerjaan : Hospitaliti & Pariwisata / 1212

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Industri : Hospitaliti & Pariwisata
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Lokasi : Indonesia


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