Loker Automobile repair team leader (Shift Duty) di Indonesia Pomalaa Industrial Park

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Lowongan Kerja Posisi Automobile repair team leader (Shift Duty) di Indonesia Pomalaa Industrial Park


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Indonesia Pomalaa Industry Park is a company engaged in the management of industrial estates located in Pomalaa, Southeast Sulawesi, currently opening career opportunities as Automobile repair team leader (Shift Duty) for placement at SITE Pomalaa, Southeast Sulawesi, with the following responsibilities and requirements:


  1. To entering employee must be aware of the various and regulations of the company. 
  2. Actively complete various tasks assigned by the department and abide by the rules and regulations of the department.
  3. We should do a good job in workshop scheduling and work dispatch, rationally arrange labor force, coordinate team relations, and achieve balanced production.
  4. Responsible for the implementation of the three-level inspection system of self-inspection, mutual inspection and full-time inspection during vehicle repair. We must do a good job in workshop quality management and strictly inspect. When a quality accident occurs, identification and analysis must be made, and the department must be promptly reported to the department for processing notification and evaluation, and handling opinions and improvement measures must be put forward.
  5. We must do a good job in civilized production in the workshop, and do a good job in labor discipline and production safety and strict operating procedures.
  6. Responsible for the training of workshop employees, constantly improving the ideological quality, professional quality and technical quality of employees, and conducting regular assessments of workers.
  7. Pay close attention to vehicle maintenance schedule management and implement it to the point. Actively organize the relationship between warehouses and vehicle-using units and other relevant departments.
  8. Carry out various workshop statistics carefully, submit various reports on time, and establish workshop business and technical files.
  9. We must do a good job in the management of workshop tools, equipment, maintenance parts and consumables, report any abnormalities in equipment operation in a timely manner and coordinate maintenance, practice economy and eliminate waste.
  10. Have the right to praise, criticize, reward and punish workshop employees within their scope of authority. (Anything beyond the scope of authority must be reported to the department for approval).
  11. Responsible for establishing and improving the process flow of automobile maintenance and continuously improving work efficiency and maintenance quality.
  12. Supervise and inspect the safety production work of departments and eliminate hidden dangers of production safety accidents in a timely manner.
  13. Employees in the supervisory team must participate in safety production education as required and strictly abide by the safe operating procedures for each type of work.
  14. Regularly inspect fire-extinguishing equipment and strengthen management and maintenance. They must be returned to their original locations after use and all employees are required to use fire-extinguishing equipment correctly.
  15. Pay attention to the status of maintenance parts and consumables at any time, discover parts gaps or insufficient inventory according to actual work needs on site, and report to the deputy section chief in a timely manner to make a purchase plan.
    Complete other work matters assigned by the department.


  1. Bachelor’s degree majoring in automobile repair, machining, automation, etc. is acceptable. 
  2. Understand the auto parts automation industry and have experience in system operation and maintenance will be given priority.
  3. Have more than 3 years of working experience in a large auto repair workshop and be familiar with repair shop operation and maintenance and team management.
  4. Able to obey and actively participate in various management tasks and have the ability to compile reports and reports.
  5. Have strong learning ability, sense of responsibility and execution, and good communication and coordination skills.

Pengalaman Kerja :
Jenis Pekerjaan : Full time
Spesialisasi Pekerjaan : Manufaktur, Transportasi & Logistik / 6092

Informasi perusahaan Pemberi Kerja, Indonesia Pomalaa Industrial Park

Indonesia Pomalaa Industrial Park

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Industri : Manufaktur, Transportasi & Logistik
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Lokasi : Kolaka


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